Is juicing good for you?

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A few day ago, someone posted on our Facebook page that whole foods are better then juicing, in reference to a link about a new Kuvings Whole Slow Juicer that just came on the market. While I did not want to discuss this topic on the thread, I have decided to do a post about… Read more »

All about Stevia

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We are receiving a lot of customer questions on Stevia. We have recently had many inquires about the use of Stevia in Dale’s Raw Protein Bars.  Stevia is a great natural sweetener however, due to the high amount of concerns about it, we have decided to remove Stevia from our protein bars effective May 2, 2012. The facts… Read more »

How To Relieve Muscle Cramps

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Boca Raton, FL has some extremely hot and humid summers, which can easily lead to dehydration and muscle cramps while exercising. At my personal training studio Supreme Ultimate Fitness, I sometimes have clients complain about muscles cramping up during the workout.  The first thing I ask them is “how much water have you been drinking and what… Read more »

Are you getting enough protein?

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How much protein do you need? I actually have no idea when it comes to exact grams, percentage of body weight or other scientific formulas. I have learned from my extensive nutrition training so many different formulas that even I am confused. I’m not even going to go there because I want to keep this… Read more »